Jingle Paws, Jingle Paws

Getting kitty to sit for a photo with Santa is a furry proposition.

I was sorting through photographs and came across a fabulous photograph of my beloved Cali wearing a Santa hat.

I remember the photo session well because it lasted all of 30 seconds! The photograph is slightly “warm and fuzzy” because Cali was not impressed by the idea.

I don’t believe in dressing cats but playing dress-up for a fun photo shoot is a different story. Let’s face it — there’s nothing cuter than a cat in a Santa hat. Or a feline with antlers.

I know that during the holiday season people love taking their pets to have their photograph taken with Santa Paws and the proceeds are usually for charity. I’ve often wanted to go but find that at this time of the year the pet supermarkets are very dogcentric.

Fudge would never even contemplate getting out of her carrier in such an environment — not even for a good cause. So I was thrilled to get an e-mail from my colleague Marlie Engel Traver telling me that this year the very feline-friendly Kimpton Hotel chain is inviting cats to come along at meet Santa on Dec. 11 and Dec. 19 at 20 different hotel locations around the country. You have to bring your own camera along for the photo op as the hotel is simply providing a burly Santa for your cat to cuddle up to.

I am seriously considering heading up to the Hotel Palomar in the Westwood area of Los Angeles for some feline fun and possibly asking Cherri to bring Isabella and Mr. Pants along, too. They are handing out free treats.  Our felines can’t resist.  Hmmm. I wonder what kitty eggnog tastes like?  Fishy, I suspect.

Some of these hotels have Directors of Pooch Relations. It’s time they got a Director of Feline Affairs, too. Perhaps Fudge can apply for an honorary position while she’s there …

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