Jim Belushi: One Major League Dog Fan

Actor credits Animal Planet with his favorite interview.

Jim Belushi, the star of TV’s “According to Jim,” is used to giving interviews. But his favorite was one that didn’t focus on him but his dogs.

“I did an Animal Planet interview where I took my dogs out and showed them all the tricks I had taught my dogs,” says the actor, who owns two German Shepherd Dogs, Truly Scrumptious and Choo Choo Train, in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was my favorite interview to do. But you have to understand, I love animals. I mean, I love dogs. So to be on Animal Planet is like a big deal for me.”

Still, the famously raunchy comedian doesn’t hesitate to mention one of the downsides of dog ownership. “I’ve picked up more [poop] than you can imagine,” he says. “After 15 years of owning dogs, I’ve become a very good doctor, by the way. I can tell you how they’re feeling by their poop.”

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