Jewelry Auction Benefits Doberman Rescue

Money from items sold on eBay will go toward helping homeless dogs.

An online jewelry retailer is auctioning off an 18-karat gold and sapphire jewelry set, consisting of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings to benefit a nonprofit Doberman Pinscher rescue group.

Simply Sapphires began the auction on Jan. 29, and it continues through Feb. 7, 2007, a week before Valentine’s Day. The auction is being held on eBay’s website, The auction’s open to the public.

Bidding began at $5, although retail value for the jewelry set is well above $3,000, according to Simply Sapphires president and CEO John Tolliver.

The auction benefits Doberman Rescue Unlimited (DRU), a nonprofit organization that has helped over 1,200 homeless Doberman Pinschers since the group was founded in 1988.

Tolliver said the fundraising effort was prompted by the death of his pet Doberman Pinscher several years ago. DRU helped him turn his dog’s terminal illness into a positive step forward through the adoption of other dogs that needed homes, Tolliver said.

Each animal taken in by DRU is examined by a veterinarian, tested, treated, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, tattooed with an ID number in case it becomes lost or stolen, and placed in a home. Pending placement, the dogs are kept in foster homes or various facilities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Other functions of DRU include public education, animal care and obedience counseling, and training for dogs placed with the elderly, hearing or sight impaired. For more information on Doberman rescue, visit

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