Jessica Biel Blogs About Her Dog

The animal-loving actress also talks about a dog-related film she produced.

Jessica Biel has jumped on the blogging bandwagon, with her first post focusing on her love for animals, and her dog, Tina.

“I’m actually sitting here with her,” Biel writes on her MySpace page. “She’s not really into blogging.”

Biel also shares information about a recent dog-related project that she produced via her production company, Iron Ocean Films. “We made a 30-minute short last year, called ‘Hole in the Paper Sky’ about a man’s experience after meeting a dog that changes his life … I hope that animal lovers will be moved by this film as well because it has an animal rights element to it, which I’m a huge advocate for.”

Biel is in South Carolina filming “Nailed” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tracy Morgan, and says the blog is “a perfect place to share some projects that I’m working on that I’m really excited about.”

Plus, Biel adds, she feels “cooler being an official blogger. I have been ‘Internet challenged’ long enough and am thrilled to join the tech revolution!”

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