Jesse James, Sandra Bullock Get Lost Dog Back

Ten-month-old Cinnabun is safe and healthy at home after a three-week "adventure.”

Jesse James and CinnabunJesse James and wife Sandra Bullock got a happy ending to the tale of their missing dog Cinnabun. Last Wednesday, James was reunited with the missing dog.

“Woooooo Hooooo!!!! It’s Her!!!” James tweeted after his reunion with the 10-month-old pit bull. “So Happy! She looks like she hz had quite the Adventure!”

James and Bullock had offered a $5,000 reward for the dog’s safe return. Cinnabun disappeared three weeks ago from James’s West Coast Choppers compound in Long Beach, Calif.

“The search is over!” James wrote on his official blog. “We got a call from a gal by the name of Rosaura in Los Angeles today saying she had Cinny. Since we have had quite a few false alarms, we were cautiously optimistic. She said she’d bring Cinnabun to us, and everyone at the shop was really anxious for her to get here to see if it was, in fact, Cinny.

“The car pulls in, the door flings open, and out pops Cinnabun! It’s been just over three weeks since we last saw her, and were starting to wonder if we’d ever get her back … and there she was.”

James says he’ll make sure there’s no sequel to Cinnabun’s adventure.

“We’re taking her to the vet to get her all checked out and chipped, and GPS’d, and live-tracked by Google Earth … the works. We don’t want to lose this little gal again!!!”

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