This Cat Seems Willing To Try Any Outdoor Adventure

Jesper cross-country skis, camps, hikes and even carries his own tiny backpack.

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Jesper could possibly be the world's outdoorsiest cat.

I spent a week cross-country skiing in Norway a couple of winters ago and it was one of the hardest, most exhausting sports I’ve ever tried. By the third day, I no longer feared being eaten by wolves and was actually sort of looking forward to it. But maybe that wouldn’t have been the case if Jesper the cat had been with me.

The adventurous Norwegian kitty has no problem running in the cross-country tracks while his owner effortlessly skis beside him. (Actually, being Norwegian seems to be the key to successful cross-country skiing).

But Jesper doesn’t limit himself to just the cross-country trails. He’s like a Swiss Army knife (or a Scandinavian one?) for being outdoorsy and has accompanied his owner on hikes, fishing trips, camping excursions and — perhaps the most nerve-wracking experience of all — Jesper has flown economy class. I don’t know about him but, yeesh, I’m tired.

Here’s a look at some of his adventures.

1. Jesper walks through snow up to his shoulders, while the rest of us struggle to get out of our bathrobes.

2. Jesper looks to see if anyone can keep up with him. They cannot.

3. Jesper is prepared for a full day on the trails.

4. This seems to be the only way to keep Jesper from wearing you out.

5. Jesper looks out the window and wonders what adventures await him when he lands. We would get exhausted trying to close our tray table.

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