Guy’s Attempt To Kick Dog Does Not Go As Planned

When a man tried to kick a dog, he learned that karma can kick right back.

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Justice comes swiftly, in the form of a well-waxed floor.

I totally believe that people who are cruel to animals are the absolute worst, and I always wish all kinds of horrible-sounding multisyllabic diseases on them. But watching this guy get a swift and immediate dose of karma is almost as good as an unpronounceable illness.

In a surveillance video posted to YouTube Tuesday by LiveLeak, a guy strolls into what looks like an Internet cafe, tries to kick a dog sniffing through the trash and then immediately falls flat on his back.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.10.18 PM

And stay down. Via LiveLeak/YouTube

While he writhes on the ground, the dog safely escapes out the door. For a full 30 seconds, the guy sits on the floor in obvious pain before eventually struggling to his feet. (And the guy using the computer on the left side of the screen is completely uninterested in what’s happening behind him).

Hopefully, the would-be kicker ended up with a huge, long-lasting bruise, the kind that will make him think twice before he takes a swing at another animal. I’d wish something else awful upon him, but can’t seem to find my medical dictionary at the moment.

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