Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Dislikes New Boyfriend

John Mayer is reportedly getting the cold shoulder from the actress’s Corgi-Terrier mix.

Jennifer Aniston’s dog, Corgi-Terrier mix Norman, is giving new boyfriend John Mayer the cold shoulder, British newspaper the Daily Record reports.

The newspaper says Aniston keeps the two apart when Mayer visits the actress’s Los Angeles home. “It’s funny because John likes dogs but for some reason Norman has taken a disliking to him,” a source close to Aniston tells the newspaper.

“Jennifer dotes on Norman and treats him like a child,” the source says. “But she has got to the point where she’s had to keep him out of the way if John is around the house.”

Aniston and Mayer have been seen taking Norman for walks outside of Aniston’s home, apparently so the dog can get used to the “Gravity” singer on neutral ground.

“She is convinced it will get better the more she and John spend time together,” the source tells the Record. “Norman is just picky about people.”

Aniston just finished filming “Marley & Me,” which is based on the bestselling book about a troublemaking Labrador Retriever.

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