Jennifer Aniston Tells What Dog Breed She’d Be

The "Marley & Me” actress also talks about her dogs Norman and Dolly.

Jennifer Aniston just wants to be a Labrador RetrieverPoodle mix.

“Because it’s payback time, baby! I wouldn’t be Norman,” Aniston told USA Today, referring to her “couch potato” dog, a Corgi-terrier mix. “I’d like to have more fun than Norman. Norman just likes to sit and hang. But I saw a labradoodle a couple of months ago in New York; it was like a human in a dog suit. They’re big, but they have curly hair. They’re adorable.”

Aniston, who appears next in “Marley & Me,” also owns a mischievous white German Shepherd Dog named Dolly.

“Dolly has chewed expensive rugs, and I almost sent her back to the pound for it. I’m kidding,” she laughed.

“You realize stuff is stuff,” Aniston continued. “When they’re puppies, they’re puppies. One time I saw her with a shoe in her mouth, and that habit ended right there. I just ripped that little thing out of her mouth. She figured out, ‘I don’t touch these things with heels and leather.’”

“Marley & Me” opens Dec. 25.

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