Jennifer Aniston Tells Dog No More ‘Oprah’

The actress says no more appearances on "Oprah” for her famous dog Norman.

Jennifer Aniston is sick of the limelight — especially when it comes to her dog.

“It’s so weird — even my dog Norman gets recognized,” the actress tells The Associated Press. “He’s famous. But I’ve told him no more Oprah appearances.”

Aniston, who took the dog onto “The Oprah Winfrey Show” while promoting “Marley & Me,” says she doesn’t understand the fascination with her personal life. “I’m baffled why people are so interested,” she says.

That interest reached a fever pitch over the last year when the star dated — and twice broke up with — loose-lipped singer John Mayer, who once boasted to the paparazzi about breaking up with the actress. “It’s been horrendous at times. I’ve had to simply move through it,” she says.

One man who refuses to kiss and tell is Aniston’s current costar in “The Baster,” Jason Bateman. Asked what it was like to kiss the actress during their lip-locking scenes last week in New York, the actor chuckles.

“It felt … It was a good scene, I’ll say that,” he told People. “It was a good scene.”

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