Jennifer Aniston Saves Friend’s Dog

The Siberian Husky Aniston saved last week turns out to be her hairdresser’s.

Jennifer Aniston saved a dog who was roaming loose on a busy Los Angeles street last week. Now it turns out the star has a personal connection to the lucky dog.

Aniston told Access Hollywood that she was driving in Beverly Hills when “a dog darted out in the middle of Sunset [Blvd.]. People didn’t seem like they were stopping.”

Aniston said she got out of her car and, with the help of another woman, approached the lost dog, a “beautiful Husky” that she did not recognize.

“The dog that we rescued happened to be Chris McMillan’s,” Aniston explained. McMillan is a celebrity hairdresser who Aniston has worked with before.

McMillan has also styled the hair of Aniston’s pal and former “Friends” cast mate Courteney Cox.

“It’s very six degrees, I tell you,” Aniston said.

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