Jennifer Aniston on the ‘Marley & Me’ Rumors

The actress reveals whether she adopted a dog from the film.

The tabloids love to link Jennifer Aniston with any available male. But this time they’re wrong. Way wrong.

“I did not adopt a dog” from the “Marley & Me” set, Aniston recently told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I have an adopted dog – in fact, I have two dogs that were adopted years ago.” However, “I almost adopted the dog in the poster for the movie,” Aniston says.

She asks her “Marley” costar, Owen Wilson, who’s in on the interview, the name of the poster dog.

“Tank? Chud?” Wilson replies.

“Judd,” Aniston corrects.

Wilson says the downside of appearing in a dog movie is falling in love with a canine costar. But the actor says he made it a point not to get too attached.

“In the beginning, there were so many dogs playing Marley that it was like a Vietnam movie. You didn’t want to get too close because you knew that the dog might not be there anymore,” he says.

Aniston adds, “I wasn’t afraid of the dogs. Honestly, the older dogs were easy. The younger Marleys were a bit more challenging because they had to hit their marks when they really wanted to play. But we had a ball. We never had a hard time.”

“Marley & Me” opens Christmas Day.

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