Jellyfish Art’s Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium

This aquarium is an improved version of the Desktop Jellyfish Tank and is shipped right to your door.

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This aquarium comes with a 30-day guarantee on live jellyfish. Photo by Jellyfish Art
Cari Jorgensen

Jellyfish Art is back with a new jellyfish aquarium. This time around, the tank comes complete with a laminar water flow pattern that mimics the natural habitat of jellyfish, a quiet air pump that oxygenates the water without heating it up and accessories such as salt, activated charcoal and more, according to the Kickstarter campaign page. And if that’s not all, the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium also comes with LED lights that change the colors of the jellies.

Check it out:

The aquarium and jellyfish are shipped directly to your door (separately) and costs $250 for both if ordered on Kickstarter. At press time, the campaign had raised $316,950, well exceeding its $50,000 goal.

To learn more about Jellyfish Art’s Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium or to donate to the project, visit the Jellyfish Aquarium Kickstarter page.


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