Jelly Bird Feeders

Jelly feeders are designed to hold fresh fruit and jelly to attract birds like orioles and bluebirds.

Jelly feeders are key for some birds. Via WildBeaks

Some wild birds — such as orioles, bluebirds, tanagers and Northern Mockingbirds — like to eat jelly and fruit; some Blue Jays will even feed on jelly. Orioles particularly like grape jelly, so have plenty on hand when they fly through your area.

Jelly bird feeders often come with a fruit station or fruit spikes, making it easy to serve the fruit — such as apples and oranges — that will attract birds. You also can offer mealworms to tempt songbirds to your jelly bird feeder. Some jelly feeders also include an area to offer sugar-water, making the birdfeeder nearly irresistible to orioles.

Jelly bird feeders are made from various materials, from wood to plastic. This type of bird feeder requires frequent cleaning, because fruit rots and both jelly and fruit leave a sticky residue.

Make sure that the bird feeder is easy to remove and disassemble for cleaning. Use a scrub brush and mild bleach solution (10 parts water to 1 part bleach) to Clean Bird Feeders the Right Way before refilling the food. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, too.

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