Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Dog Loves the Limelight

The actor's Rottweiler mix makes an impromptu cameo in his new movie.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s dog Bisou first stole his heart. Now the Rottweiler mix is muscling in on his career.

The 9-year-old dog earned an impromptu cameo in Morgan’s latest film, “The Accidental Husband,” costarring Uma Thurman. “We were shooting in New York, and I had Bisou off-leash,” Morgan told the New York Post. “She came running up behind me like a crazy dog.”

The movie’s director, Griffin Dunne, decided to keep the spontaneous footage, and as they say in Hollywood, a star was born.

“Bisou’s become quite accustomed to being on sets,” Morgan says. “The first thing she figures out is the location of the food truck. If she ever goes missing, she turns up there, doing her ‘I haven’t eaten in 100 years’ thing.”

Morgan found Bisou, which is French slang for kiss, when the dog was a sickly 2-day-old puppy. “I was walking on the boardwalk in Venice, Calif., and these kids were selling puppies in a cardboard box,” Morgan says. “There was this little runt, maybe four inches long, so I took her home and bottle-fed her. She got her name because she couldn’t open her eyes yet and kind of kissed her way around.”

Now a healthy 60 pounds thanks to daily hikes, Bisou is “probably in the best shape of her life,” Morgan says. “Plus she’s entertained while I’m on set for 20 hours at a time. She’s a little celebrity.”

“The Accidental Husband” hits theaters in March.

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