This Crystal-Like Cat Is Actually A Japanese Dessert

Someone made a Japanese water cake in the shape of a cat, and we can't believe it's actually edible.

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Would you eat this little cat cake? Via mithiruka/Twitter
Stephanie Brown

Is it just us or are food trends getting weirder and weirder? We have cronuts, ramen burgers, rainbow bagels and now water cakes.

Water cakes, a clear Japanese dessert known as mizu shingen mocha, look like, well, drops of water. And if these jiggly cakes weren’t strange enough, someone has made one in the shape of a cat.

Twitter user mithiruka apparently made this cat water cake using a recipe for water cake posted on the popular Japanese cooking site Cookpad.

A typical water cake recipe includes water, sugar and agar powder.

The curled up cat looks more like crystal or glass than dessert. It’s almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

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