January 2010 Product Spotlight, Ferrets Underfoot by Kate Woods from Hedgerow Press

This contest has ended, and two lucky winners received a signed copy of Ferrets Underfoot by Kate Woods, courtesy of Hedgerow Press.

What is it like to keep ferrets as pets? The 208-page book Ferrets Underfoot by Kate Woods provides some entertaining and intriguing answers. Published by Hedgerow Press, Ferrets Underfoot is the personal story of an artist (primarily a wood carver and soapstone sculptor) who developed a passion for ferrets.

Woods describes how, with no knowledge of these creatures, she became addicted to them after seeing one with its owner in a laundromat and another in a supermarket. Her adventures in learning to live with pairs of ferrets, first in an urban setting and then in the semi-wilderness, are narrated with a light, whimsical touch, sometimes also in a philosophical vein as she learns lessons in living from her pets. The book is beautifully illustrated with color photographs and the author’s own line drawings.

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