Jack Russell Terrier Survives Three Hours Floating In The Gulf Of Mexico

An animal life vest helped the little dog, named Jagermeister, keep his head above water until help arrived.

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Thanks to Myrick practicing safe boating with animals, his dog named Jagermeister survived three hours in the Gulf of Mexico. Via Fox 13 News
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Joey Myrick was boating off the coast of Florida’s Hernando Beach in the Gulf of Mexico with his Jack Russell Terrier dogs when he had to stop and adjust his GPS system. When he finished up, one of his dogs was nowhere to be found. Myrick looked everywhere and then called the Coast Guard to let them know that his dog Jagermeister had gone missing.

About three hours later, Bruce Knecht was celebrating a pair of birthdays with a group on the water when he saw something floating in the distance. At first the group thought it was a buoy, but when they got closer, they noticed it was a dog wearing an animal life vest.

“You just saw his little nose sticking up out of the water,” Shawn Sahr told Fox 13.

“If we weren’t as close as we were, within 5 to 10 feet, we wouldn’t have seen him,” she added.

Myrick was thrilled that Jagermeister survived his ordeal and made his family whole again. Via Fox 13/Facebook

Myrick was thrilled that Jagermeister survived his ordeal and made his family whole again. Via Fox 13/Facebook

Shawn’s husband, Michael, pulled the wet and tired dog, which began swimming toward the boat, out of the water. The couple then radioed the Coast Guard that they had retrieved a dog from the water, and the Coast Guard radioed back that someone reported a dog overboard three hours prior to them making the rescue, according to Fox 13.

The Sahrs and Knects went to the nearest Coast Guard station to drop off the dog. When they arrived, so did Myrick, who was calling the dog’s name.

“Thanks, everybody, so much again. You don’t know what it is like to have my family back together,” Myrick told Fox 13. “I thought I really lost Jagy, but somebody was really watching out for me. My little family is back together again.”

The one thing that everyone agreed saved the dog’s life? The animal life vest that Myrick fitted him with before they ventured out into the Gulf.

“It’s a story for everybody to listen to,” Myrick said. “If you love it, put it in a life preserver.”

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