It’s Only Logical: 10 Examples Of Cat Reasoning

The cat duo Cole and Marmalade show off their species's strange logic.

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Knowing these might help you understand your cat. Or not.
Cari Jorgensen

Cats do things that don’t make sense to humans. I had a cat who liked to steal Oreo cookies and Goldfish crackers. Another would cry to be let outside because she wanted to nap in the doghouse. (Yes, my cats were weirdos.) But then there are the things many — if not all — cats do that we just don’t understand.

In a video posted to YouTube by Cole and Marmalade, the cats of the same name demonstrate 10 of these things and the cat logic surrounding each one.

1. The Logic Of Getting Away With Being On The Counter

Well, technically the cat is on a magazine.

2. The Logic Of Helping

Isn’t this the kind of assistance humans need?

3. The Logic Of Making Your Human Get A Cat Tree And Then Not Use It

Shower curtain rails are more fun.

4. The Logic Of Licking Yourself And Then Your Human And It’s OK

Maybe we should invest in kitty toothbrushes, mouthwash and floss.

5. The Logic Of Finding Warmth That’s Inconvenient To Humans

This one might be done on purpose to prevent humans from becoming workaholics.

6. The Logic Of Being Comfortable

Everyplace is comfortable to a cat.

7. The Logic Of Ensuring An Ant Infestation Is Avoided

These cats are here to protect the premises.

8. The Logic Of Finding An Awkward Place To Snuggle

Alone time is not permitted with a cat.

9. The Logic Of Eating In A Refined Manner

Better to eat with your paws than with your whole face.

10. The Logic Of Invisibility

“You can’t see me.”

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  • Can so relate to most of these antics!
    Especially the bathroom one while sitting there.

    Beverly October 21, 2016 9:56 am Reply

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