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It’s a Pirate’s Life for This Cat

"Purrr… I mean Arrr…”

"Purrr… I mean Arrr…”

Ahoy! Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate Jake. Captain Hook. Blackbeard. They’ve sailed the seas; they’ve pillaged and plundered, and now there’s another pirate who will go down in infamy: Pirate Kitty.

This pirate is so scary that if he doesn’t get his food “right now!” he will raise mutiny against Captain Human. Constantly after the motherload, he will search and search for the hidden food and treats. If Captain Human doesn’t relinquish the motherload immediately, Pirate Kitty will likely make him walk the plank.

Haaaa!!! When your Halloween costume is on point…

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Friday, October 16, 2015

Watch out – Pirate Kitty is coming for you! Or it’s just a cat in a cute Halloween costume.


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