Dog In Thailand Just Loves Getting A Massage

A YouTube video shows a dog obviously in doggy bliss as he gets a massage.

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This dog is just chillin' and enjoying a nice massage courtesy of his human friend.
John Virata

Dogs are an integral part of our families. We often spoil them with treats and new toys that may tickle our (and not necessarily their) fancies, and we pamper them with nice soft doggy beds for them to lie in. And when they end up in our bed or on the couch, we don’t mind. We love our dogs. But even with all of those overtures, a dog lover in Thailand has put all our efforts to shame, as a YouTube video posted by ViralHog shows.

The video shows a man massaging a dog, working out tension knots on the dog’s head, moving on to some deep tissue massage of the dog’s chest and then adding some soft karate chops to the bridge of the dog’s nose.

This dog is just chillin' and enjoying a nice massage courtesy his human friend.. Via ViralHog/YouTube

“Ahh, that’s the spot.” Via ViralHog/YouTube

The masseuse then moves back to the dog’s forehead to smooth those worry lines. A man speaks and the dog opens his eyes to investigate, but continues to just relax and let the masseuse do his job. The entire time, the dog just chills out, enjoying himself in obvious bliss.

If only we could all be as pampered as this dog.

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