It Takes a Village to Save a Kitten

Nearly two dozen people helped rescue a tiny calico cat from a highway overpass in Japan.

Folks in Tokyo, Japan, learned the true meaning of the phrase it takes a village last week, when they discovered a calico kitten in peril. The kitty somehow found herself trapped under a 31-foot-tall highway bridge, requiring the assistance of not one, not two, but 20 people (including firefighters and transport ministry officials) who
dedicated two days to rescuing the cat.

On day one, firefighters made a failed rescue attempt, but day two held promise – serving up success within two-and-a-half hours of beginning their operation.

The first one-and-a-half hours of the rescue was committed to coaxing the kitten to a lower portion of the structure – a mission that was finally accomplished by two devoted workers. With that task complete came the next step – getting the kitten on solid ground.

Thanks to the kindness of a landscaping company, the use of a hydraulic lift was donated to the rescue efforts. Before boosting two workers to the cat’s level so they could reach her, volunteers erected a safety net beneath the structure as a precaution to protect the curious kitty should she fall. Luckily, she didn’t – making it safely into the hands of rescuers, and a well-deserved meal.

Speculation regarding how the kitten reached such exorbitant heights ranges from being carried by a crow, or placed in the location by cruel pranksters. We may never know the truth; but one thing we do know: the little calico is likely to find a loving home. Transport ministry officials, who are currently caring for the kitten, report that many have expressed interest in adopting her.

Watch raw footage of the rescue above, and check out pictures from the scene as it was unfolding.

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