It Only Takes 5 Seconds To Determine Whether It’s Too Hot To Walk Your Dog

Moon Valley Canine Training shared this simple tip on Facebook about walking dogs safely, and it's a good one.

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If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog. Via Moon Valley Canine Training/Facebook

It’s officially summer, which means that going outside in most parts of the country feels like you’ve been shoved into one of Colonel Sanders’ roasting ovens. But even when the high temperatures feel tolerable to you, how do you know whether it’s safe to walk your dog on the sidewalk or street? By using this simple tip from Moon Valley Canine Training.

In a Facebook post on June 18, the Sonoma, California, dog training center wrote that, before taking your dog and heading out the door, you should put the back of  your hand against the pavement. If you can’t hold it there for five seconds, then it’s too hot for your pup. This is a good test for any surface where you walk your dog, including a beach. Who knew that keeping your dog happy, healthy and safe this summer would only require five ticks on your Timex?

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