It Might Look Like A Prolapse In Ferrets, But It’s Not

This ailment in female ferrets can mimic a prolapse.

If you are unfamiliar with ferret anatomy, you might get fooled by a condition that results from excess estrogens. In females, estrogen compounds from the adrenal glands (or when a jill is in heat) can cause the vulva, the external part of the genital tract, to swell. For orientation, when you look at the back end of your ferret, there’s the tail, then the anus, then the vulva. If you see vulvar swelling and you do not intend to breed your pet, take your female ferret to a veterinarian for an examination and discussion of the possible hormonal imbalances that are taking place.

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Rene C. Gandolfi is owner and chief veterinarian of Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital. Gandolfi is a national lecturer and author on ferret medicine and surgery.

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