Is Your Pet Bird Making Weird Noises?

Cranky pet birds making abnormal noises might be trying to tell you something about how they're feeling.

There can be several reasons for excessive or abnormal bird noise . A parrot that is not getting enough food, exercise, mental stimulation or sleep, may start screaming more than is normal. All of these things can make pet birds unhappy and irritable. “Cranky birds, just like cranky people, often get a little more vocal,?said Kim Bear, a parrot behavior consultant in Florida.

Part of the bird? vocal patterns will reflect what? going on in the home environment. “If you?e constantly yelling at your kids and the dogs are barking and the television or stereo is blaring, you can? expect the parrot to just sit there and be quiet and not reflect back all that mayhem. If you?e got a boisterous home, your bird is going to be boisterous too,?Bear said.

Any kind of household stress ?such as noisy overnight guests or fighting between family members ?can make pet birds more edgy and motivate them to squawk out their frustrations. “When their emotional and physical needs aren? being met, sometimes the only way they can let us know they?e unhappy is to holler,?Bear said.

In any of these situations, the key is to address the root problem:

1. If your bird? not getting enough sleep, turn off the lights earlier each evening or get a cage cover.

2. If your bird isn? getting the exercise it needs, buy a new play gym or get a bird harness and take it for some exercise every night.

3. Lower the general noise level in your home to help your bird feel calmer.

A happy bird is bound to scream less, and sing or talk more, which is always more pleasant than screaming!

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