Is Your Dog the Next Lassie?

Trainer Bash Dibras new book explains how to make your dog a star.

Star PetTrainer Bash Dibra says there’s a dog actor born every day. Why so many never make it to the screen often has little to do with the dog. As in the human acting world, luck and training plays a big part. “It’s all a matter of showing the dog how to shine,” he says.

Dibra plans to do just that with his new book, “Star Pet: How to Make Your Dog a Star.” The celebrity dog trainer, who has taught countless dogs, including those of Sarah Jessica Parker and Henry Kissinger, offers easy how-to instructions for training your dog the behaviors often needed in film or TV work. He also offers an insider’s view of the business for animal actors, and a comprehensive resources section for owners interested in pursuing work for their pets.

 Dibra also explains how to recognize whether your dog truly enjoys performing: pushy moms and dads need not apply. “I never listen to stage parents. I listen to the animals. They tell me if they enjoy performing or would rather just hang out under the bed.”

Posted: April 15, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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