Is Your Dog Cool?

"Cool” campaign helps prevent dogs from dying in hot cars.

My Dog Is Cool, a new campaign launched in May by United Animal Nations (UAN), seeks to protect dogs from the dangers of hot cars.

Every year, dogs die after being left inside hot vehicles while their owners run errands, often for “just a few minutes,” according to UAN, a national nonprofit animal advocacy organization. As part of the campaign, dog owners can take advantage of free posters, educational fliers and web banners to help spread the word.

“People mean well by taking their dogs or other animals along with them while they work, visit, shop or run errands, but warm weather can turn a car into a death trap,” said Nicole Forsyth, UAN president and CEO.

When it’s 72 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 116 degrees within an hour, with the windows cracked. When it’s 85 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can climb to 102 degrees in 10 minutes, according to UAN.

A dog can only withstand a high body temperature for a brief period before getting nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage, brain damage or even death. Part of the new initiative is a website called, where dog owners can enter their zip code to receive the weather forecast and an alert if the temperature is too hot to bring the dog along for a car ride.

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