Is Your Dog a Sports Dog?

Prepare your dog for agility training.

Is Your Dog a Sports Dog?If you and your dog are looking for a new sport, explore the possibility of taking a seminar. Seminars and workshops are an excellent way to quickly gauge whether the activity is suitable for both you and your dog. One tracking seminar with Molly, my Jack Russell Terrier, convinced me tracking was a sport we wanted to pursue. Here are some tips for finding seminars and workshops in your area.

If you can’t find the seminar or event for you, open a search engine, such as Yahoo!, and type in the name of the sport of interest. You should be able to find sites that list seminars offered by different training clubs. The following site also provides links to local events:

Local Clubs
Clubs that offer seminars and workshops in your area are easy to find through these kennel clubs:

Your Vet’s Office
Veterinarian offices are excellent sources of information about what is happening in the local dog world.

Dog Sport Organizations
If you already know the sport you want to try, visit these organizations online or in person to acquire information about seminars:

Sporting activities offer great ways for you to create an even stronger bond with your dog, as well as exercise its mind and body. Pounce on a sporting activity today.

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