Is Your Dog a Genius?

We put our resident Frenchie to the test with the Mr. Peabody and Sherman IQ test. See how he does!

Huggs the French BulldogDreamworks’ newest film features Mr. Peabody, a highly evolved and brilliant dog whose IQ is off the charts. Aside from talking, Mr. Peabody is father to his mischievous, human son, Sherman and is also the inventor of a time-travel device called the WABAC (way-back) machine. 

In honor of the movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which hits theaters March 7, our friends at Dreamworks sent over a gift pack and doggie IQ test so we could see just how smart our dog is. See how our French Bulldog did in the video below.

The gift pack comes with all the tools you need to perform and score the test. Visit our Facebook Page to win your very own prize pack!

The test consisted of three challenges all set up to be a fun and safe game for you and your dog:

  1. The cup test. Place a treat under one of three cups to see if your dog can identify the correct cup.
  2. The towel test. Place a towel over your dog’s head. See how quickly he can free himself.
  3. The smile test. Have your dog sit. Make eye contact. Smile at your dog and see how quickly he runs to you.

Level of genius is determined by how long it takes your dog to complete each task.

We love a challenge and the test was a great way to spend a little quality time with our model dog Huggs. We kept the test fun and safe and despite his somewhat grumpy expressions, Huggs was comfortable and more than happy to eat the rewards. We can only assume he was bored with us for questioning his intelligence as there is no doubt that his genius levels are off the charts. 

Watch the video:


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