Is Your Co-Worker a Real Dog?

DOG FANCY magazine and Pet Sitters International are proud to announce the 13th annual celebration of Take your Dog to Work day.

Pet Sitters International, creators of this national, trade-marked event, wants everyone to get involved in promoting pet ownership and adoption by bringing their dogs to work.

While images of a petting zoo, rambunctious animals, and barking dogs may be dancing in the heads of bosses nationwide in anticipation of Take Your Dog to Work Day, there are many benefits to allowing pets in the workplace.

The Louisiana SPCA offers these fascinating facts to convince the big guy that the office is for the dogs…literally! 

  • Having pets in the workplace reduces stress levels
  • Dedication to the job increased when pets were brought into the office: 58% percent of the companies surveyed reported their employees stayed late instead of rushing home to let their pet out!
  • Including pets in the office helps build positive employee relations
  • Pets break down cubicle barriers increasing creativity and peer relationships
  • Productivity increased in 73% of the reporting companies including a decrease in absenteeism
  • Providing strict guidelines helps all employees embrace the practice:
    • Only pets that are up to date on vaccinations are allowed.
    • All dogs should be kept on a leash or use a baby gate to prevent unsupervised pups from roaming the office.
    • Socialized dogs welcome! Any aggressive, unfriendly, or shy pups need to stay home.
    • Designate specific dog-free areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Here are some great tips to make Take Your Dog to Work Day easier for you and your pooch.

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