Is Your Cat a Boredom Eater?

Tips to keep your feline friend entertained, and away from the food bowl.

Cat Fancy- Kitty Bored- January 2011

We’re home from work, the TV is blaring, and the couch is just steps away from a refrigerator brimming with a wide array of foods that will keep us company during the long afternoon … and pack on the pounds. Just as human beings are plagued with an incessant urge to eat during downtime when we have nothing better to do, our indoor-only feline counterparts find themselves falling prey to the very same vice when they’re feeling underwhelmed, leading them to gain weight and placing them at health risks. Keeping kitty boredom-free isn’t a difficult task, but ensuring that he stays that way will keep the both of you happier and healthier long-term.


**Get the January 2011 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article or click here to purchase a PDF version.**

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