Is This Woman The World’s Worst Dog Owner?

Shona Sibary adopts puppy after puppy, but then gives them away the minute they grow up.

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Shona Sibary admits she "falls out of love" with older dogs. Via Daily Mail Femail/Twitter

It’s hard to find anyone who can resist a puppy.  Who doesn’t make high pitched sounds and involuntarily wave their hands when they make eye contact with a puppy, any puppy. (I have a tendency to shriek “LET ME PUT MY FACE NEAR HIS FACE,” which works less often than it freaks the owner out).

But most of us love puppies in a rational way, knowing that those puppies will grow up to become adult dogs — adult dogs that we’ll still adore. And then there’s Shona Sibary.

The English woman is crazy about puppies, but only when they’re still in that big-eyed, clumsy pawed, floppy-eared phase. In a column she wrote for The Daily Mail, she says she bought four puppies over the last four years, and when each one proved to, you know, turn into a dog, she got rid of them.

“The minute they become too much trouble — which they always do — I fall out of love and start advertising them in the classifieds section of our local newspaper,” she wrote.

Sibary got Cookie, a Labrador-Collie mix, from a farm in 2013 then gave him away less than two years later. Via The Daily Mail

Sibary got Cookie, a Labrador-Collie mix, from a farm in 2013, but then got rid of her less than two years later. Via The Daily Mail

So we probably know how the story is going to end for Clover, the Whippet-Cocker Spaniel mix with whom she’s already growing tired. Sibary says she worries that she has something “mentally wrong” with her and tries to convince the Mail’s readers that she’s otherwise well-adjusted.

Mental issues aside, she does seem to mistake pets for accessories, like a purse that’s appealing for a season and can then be forgotten about. If there’s ANY upside to her behavior (and this is a stretch), it’s that she at least does find new homes for the dogs, instead of abandoning them at shelters. But yeesh, she needs something else to collect. Succulents, postcards, pot pie recipes — literally anything other than living creatures who deserve better.

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