Is This The Most Beautiful Dog In The World?

Tea, a retired Afghan show dog, is a stunningly beautiful hound.

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Is Tea the most beautiful dog in the world? Via Luke Kavanagh/Facebook
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Imagine a dog that possesses the stunning beauty of the supermodel Linda Evangelista, with the flowing hair of Rapunzel. That dog is Tea, an Afghan hound that might just be the most beautiful dog in the world.

Tea, a 5-year-old black Afghan hound, resides with her owner, Luke Kavanagh, in New South Wales, Australia. She was an award-winning show dog for several years until her recent retirement, but her popularity has grown exponentially since Kavanagh shared a photo of her and her long, dark and flowing locks on social media last June. He told the Daily Telegraph Australia that the photo was “nothing special.” We respectfully disagree, sir.

The photo of Tea that started it all. Via Luke Kavanagh/Facebook

The photo of Tea that started it all. Via Luke Kavanagh/Facebook

“I just did it one day after her bath. I guess people were mostly drawn to it because of her silky coat coupled with that dignified look that Tea has, but that’s just her being her,” Kavanagh told the newspaper.

“I was seeing it on Facebook and Instagram all the time and people would tag me in posts or I’d get messages from people saying ‘look your photo has been stolen again’ or ‘someone is using your photo to sell their product’,” Kavanagh said.

Posted by Luke Kavanagh on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

That photo helped launch a second career for Tea, who is absolutely stunning and regal-looking with her long, dark hair. She has appeared in ads for Harriot and Hounds’ dog perfume and is a spokesdog for the high-end dog food brand Royal Canine.

Our hats are off to Tea, who is probably the most beautiful dog in the world.

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