Is This Sugar Glider Bleeding?

What could be red and coming from a sugar glider’s butt?

Q: I have a sugar glider, and she has something red coming out of her vagina or butt. Should I take this seriously?

A: Yes, this is a serious problem for a sugar glider. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what is protruding because sugar gliders have a cloaca, which is a common opening for the urogenital and intestinal tract.

The red you see could be the colon, the paracloacal glands or the urogenital canal. What is causing the tissue to protrude is difficult to say. Sometimes internal parasites can cause this. Other causes include bacterial infections, inflammation or neoplasia. Finally, it could also be an isolated abscess or a cancerous mass.

Your veterinarian should be able to examine your sugar glider and determine where this mass is coming from and then how to best treat it.

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