Is There Nothing More Exciting Than Bubbles? Not For These Cats!

Kitties Seamus and Angus just discovered the best cat toy ever.

Bubbles are amazing things. As children, we could spend hours – or what felt like hours – dipping the little wand into the bubble solution and trying to blow the biggest bubbles we could. We’d try to catch them in an effort to not let them touch the ground. As adults we blow the bubbles and watch our kids play with them, both of us getting endless amusement from the soapy entities.

Now, there’s another reason to love bubbles: our cats. Like children, cats get amusement from bubbles and we get just as much delight watching them react to these clear things that have just invaded their territory.

When orange cat brothers Seamus and Angus see the room fill with bubbles, they are at once full of curiosity and happy to have a fun new toy.

Has your cat discovered bubbles?


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