Is It Safe to Sleep With My Dog?

Follow these guidelines when sleeping with your dog.

Q. Should you allow your dog to sleep with you?

A. Many people share their bed with pet dogs, with no problems. If your dog likes to cuddle with you, the short answer is “Sure, why not?”

Grumpier dogs who snap, or even bite, when disturbed from sleep, are a different story, which changes the answer to “Heck no!” It’s too risky to allow a dog with that kind of reactive behavior to share your bed.

Here’s a little checklist that may help you decide.

It’s okay to let your dog sleep with you if she:

  • Is clean-smelling and well-groomed
  • Will move over when asked to
  • Doesn’t startle badly if touched when asleep
  • Stays fairly still while sleeping, so you can sleep undisturbed.

If your bed is high and your dog is small, old, or has arthritis, dysplasia, or other structural issues, jumping up and down from the bed can cause pain or injury. In this case, put a ramp or a hassock or sturdy low table beside your bed as an aid for your dog to safely get up and down.

Sweet dreams!

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