Is It Better To Keep One Ferret Or Two?

Should people buy one ferret or more than one?

Ferrets will keep each other company when their human isn't there. Via Tetting/Flickr

By Ailigh Vanderbush


I am planning on buying a ferret soon. Is it better to keep one or two ferrets? If it is better to keep two ferrets, what mix should I have (male and female, male and male, female and female)?


I find it better to keep two ferrets because they tend to amuse and play with each other when you are not around. This means double the veterinary bills and food costs, but also double the fun.

The gender mix doesn’t really matter too much, but I would look at ages. Ferrets of similar age do better together because their energy levels are similar. If you adopt from a ferret shelter, then you can adopt two ferrets that are already familiar with each other.

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