Irish Dog Names

Looking for a St Patrick's day reminder that lasts all year? Consider giving your dog one of these Irish or St. Patrick's themed names.

With a little luck, you just might find the perfect Irish name for your dog. sae1010/iStock/Thinkstock

We know everyone is looking for a little Irish luck in their lives. If you have a puppy born on St. Patrick’s Day, or if you just love Ireland, you may want to give your dog an Irish name.

Here is a list of some popular and unique Irish dog names. Giving your dog an Irish name is a fun way to show off your Irish pride and make your dog stand out from the rest.

Irish Dog Names:

  • Aedan, Aidan, Aiden – Born of fire
  • Aengus – Strength and vigor
  • Ailbe, Alby – White
  • Alastar – Irish version of Alexander
  • Alroy – Red
  • Ardeen – Little height
  • Ashling – Vision, dream
  • Ava – Raidant
  • Barra – Fair-haired
  • Brian – Hard, noble, strong
  • Bridget – Exalted one; Irish Goddess
  • Carrick – Rock
  • Ciara (kee-ra) – Dark haired and brown eyed
  • Claire – Flat place
  • Colleen – Little girl
  • Conchob (con-r) – Lover of hounds
  • Conan – Hound
  • Darby – Liberty
  • Dublin – Black pool. Also a city in Ireland
  • Egan – Little fiery one
  • Ennis – Island
  • Erin – The personification of the country of Ireland; Peace
  • Fergus – Powerful and manly
  • Finbar – White hair
  • Finian – White hair
  • Flann, Flannery, Flannigan, Flynn – Red, bright red, fiery red
  • Kerrigan – Little rock
  • Maeve – Cause of great joy
  • Mellan – Lightening
  • Molly – Star of the sea (Irish and Latin)
  • O’Malley – An Irish clan surname
  • Orin – Dark haired
  • Patrick– Nobleman; The patron saint of Ireland
  • Patty or PaddyNoble – A variation on “Patrick”
  • Puca (phooka) – An Irish spirit, seen in the form of a dog or horse
  • Regan – The king’s child
  • Tressa – Strength

Have a puppy who was born or adopted around St. Patrick’s day? These might not be traditional Irish names, but they will still inspire thoughts of luck and Irish pride.

Tucker. Photo courtesy Diane Wotring Israel on DOGFANCY FB

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Names

  • Bailey
  • Blarney
  • Cabbage
  • Clover
  • Corn beef
  • Goldy
  • Green
  • Guinness
  • Irish
  • Ireland
  • Leprechaun
  • Limerick
  • Lucky
  • Patrick, Pat, Paddy
  • Rainbow
  • Saint
  • Shamrock


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