Iowa Animal Shelter Receives Grant

The ASPCA awards $3,000 in emergency funding to the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals granted $3,000 to the Friends of The Animal Center Foundation (FACF) to help with flood relief activities and animal rescue efforts at the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center in Iowa City, Iowa. FACF is the nonprofit organization that supports the center.

“We recognize that many shelters throughout the Midwest are over capacity with animals that were stranded as a result of this catastrophe,” said Julie Morris, ASPCA senior vice president of national outreach. “The ASPCA is happy to be able to provide them with this support in their time of need.”

Floodwaters put the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center under four feet of water, causing the group to temporarily evacuate to the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Shelter officials are seeking a temporary shelter location while the original facility is rebuilt.

In the meantime, the shelter continues to help pet owners affected by the floods. “Our preference is that people displaced by flooding try and find a friend or relative to help them with their pets, so that they can stay close to them,” said Liz Ford, FACF president. “If they have no one else to care for their animals, we will help them.”

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