Inventor Creates Device Designed To Keep Dogs Cool In Hot Cars

William Loopesko has invented the “Pup Waggin’,” a device to keep the temperature inside cars from getting too high.

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The Pup Waggin’ was created after a hiking trip with the inventor’s dog.
Cari Jorgensen

We have seen countless stories of people leaving their dogs locked up in a hot car. The stories often end tragically or with new laws or even with apologies. No matter how many times it’s reiterated that pets can perish in hot cars, people keep doing it.

Windham and Willliam Loopesko, inventors out of Denver, Colorado, want to help change that statistic. In an effort to do so, the Go Pawsible co-founders created the Pup Waggin’, a modified version of a cooler with wheels. The design is simple and straightforward.

The Pup Waggin'. Via Go Pawsible/YouTube

The Pup Waggin’. Via Go Pawsible/YouTube

“This is the prototype of the Pup Waggin’. Basically, it’s a cooler,” Loopesko told FOX31. “We just took the lid off, manufactured a new lid… We’ve got some ice and some water in there.”

With summer here and many areas experiencing heat waves, we couldn’t help wondering how well it worked. Loopesko demonstrated the product on his own dog, Clovis, for FOX31 in temperatures of about 100 degrees. He put Clovis in his vehicle along with the Pup Waggin’ and a digital thermometer. A second digital thermometer was put into the FOX31 vehicle to compare the two. The test lasted two hours.

The temperature in the un-cooled vehicle reached over 120 degrees, while the temperature in the vehicle with the Pup Waggin’ stayed around 81 degrees. Thirty-nine degrees is a big difference.

FOX31 reports that the Pup Waggin’ will be available for $500 in about 10 months. While the Pup Waggin’ seems to help cars stay cool for dogs, and does offer alerts on your smartphone with increased frequency when the temperature in the car goes up (and even lets those around the vehicle know there’s a dog inside in distress), we don’t recommend leaving a dog alone in a car on a hot day for a prolonged period of time.

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