Introducing Hamsters To New Foods

Use these tips to encourage hamsters to try new foods.

Hamsters need a balanced diet to remain healthy, so it’s important to provide them with a variety of foods. Accustom a hamster to different types of foods when it’s young and most likely to accept them.

When introducing a new food, gradually add it to the hamster’s regular food over a period of several days. This gives the hamster time to accept the new food while still having access to its normal diet and helps prevent potential stomach upset.

Some hamsters eat out only the foods they like, especially if they’re given a seed mix rather than pellets. To counteract this habit, give only a small amount of food at a time. Don’t add any more until your hamster has eaten most of the food it already has. Hamsters have a high metabolism, so some food should always be available.

Be sure to limit treats. A hamster that receives treats frequently will hold out for those instead of eating its regular food.

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