Internet Rushes To Side Of Bodega Cat After Woman Leaves Negative Yelp Review About Store Having Her

Someone forgot how the internet feels about cats.

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We actually want more places to have cats like Ciao Bella, not less. Via Chris G./Yelp
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Ciao Bella is our kind of cat. She’s mellow, looks sharp and likes to chill with a beer or two. That’s what she was doing (technically, napping on top of some Budweiser cases) when a woman found her and decided to slam the store online.

A reviewer going by the name Diana D took to Yelp to poorly rate a New York City bodega called S.K. Deli Market over its resident cat, Ciao Bella, and people are pissed, according to Mashable. Her post went up in early September but the backlash has been going strong as recently as this week.

Secure in the knowledge that the internet's got her back and in the banana boxes have the rest of her.  Via Chris G./Yelp

Secure in the knowledge that the internet’s got her back and that the banana boxes have the rest of her. Via Chris G./Yelp

To recap: she was complaining about cats on the internet. We could have saved her a lot of angry responses and potential pain by easily predicting the outcome.

Here is her original review — which was screen-capped before Diana D took it down — and a response that seems to sum up everyone’s feelings online.

In addition to tweets supporting the cat and store, people also posted photos of Ciao Bella inside the bodega with positive things to say about the cute cat. Positive Yelp reviews of S. K. Deli Market also flowed in, boosting the store’s ratings.

We love Ciao Bella and we’re glad she’s able to stay in a store where she’s clearly comfortable, which seems like a decent place with a lot going for it. But even if we didn’t, the collective internet and its bestie, cats, have a bulletproof bond that will easily fend off any haters.

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  • This is when I am proudest of the human race (which I usually abhor thanks to people like Diana D) for coming to the rescue of a helpless animal who is incredibly lucky to have found a loving home, as most do not. This made my whole day and I love every one of you who posted!

    Barbara October 28, 2016 5:45 am Reply

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