Internet Cats Take Over App Store

Play the game in which you can pretend to be Oskar & Klaus, Nala Cat or Venus the Two-Faced Cat.

They already dominate the World Wide Web, but now internet famous cats such as Oskar & Klaus, Venus the Two-Faced Cat & Roo, and Nala Cat are invading the App Store via Nom Cat, a new game from Lucky Cat Studios.

Available as a free download on iOS and Android platforms, Nom Cat is all about feeding hungry felines (you know how kitties get when they’re in the mood for food!), placing you in the driver’s seat for sating your chosen cat’s appetite! By tapping and holding open the cat’s mouths, you can feed them endless waves of fish; but you have to be careful of flying bombs, otherwise the cute kitties could explode. The more fish you eat, the higher your score; the more goldfish you collect, the more celebri-cats you can unlock.

Sound fun? We think so too!

The App officially launched on May 14, but already it has been announced that all future updates will add more internet cats to the Nom Cat gameplay roster.

What celebrity cat would you love to see star in Nom Cat next?

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