Internet Cat Video Film Festival Returns

Grumpy Cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, Lil Bub and more cat celebrities are back at the second annual celebration of cat videos!

Forget frying food that should never, ever be fried … the Minnesota State Fair is going to yet again upstage all other state fairs by giving cats their own stage with the Second Annual Internet Cat Video Festival.

Watch the Internet Cat Video Festival here >>

Remember all those times you turned your computer screen away from the office foot traffic, put on your headphones and popped up YouTube to get your cute kitty video fix … forced to chuckle to yourself so your co-workers would be none the wiser to your unauthorized break? Or the irksome feeling brewing inside you because your honey only feigns interest in watching cats doing silly stuff videos you bring up on the laptop? If so, grab your car keys, $10 for the admittance fee, and head over the fairgrounds.

Catch a slideshow of Grumpy Cat photos >>

Imagine the self-validation you will get watching viral after viral video of cats being cats with thousands of other like minds, laughing in unison! That’s why we’ll shell out big bucks and wait hours in line at the opening of a blockbuster movie; for the camaraderie, right?  

See Henri Le Chat Noir’s videos here >>

Ah, but this even is more than just sitting in front of a big outdoor screen; it’s rather like a red carpet event. You might not ever make it to Hollywood to ohh and ahh the arrival of famous actors as they walk the red carpet, but you can “Here, kitty, kitty” all the whose who in the world of viral cat superstars. Need I say more than Grumpy Cat?! Yep, she’ll be there sporting her famous frown upside down, as will Lil Bub and Minnesota’s homegrown hero Pudge. Henri, le Chat Noir will make an appearance diva style, via video only, which makes sense since we all know how much cats like to travel. Dress to impress because Animal Planet will be onsite, streaming it live, which is good to know in case you don’t live in Minnesota!

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