International Travel With Dogs Checklist

Use this checklist to help your international travels with dogs go more smoothly.

7 Months Ahead 
____ Research your destination’s restrictions about dogs.
____ Check airlines’ pet policies.
____ Call your veterinarian to discuss whether your dog is suited for international flights. If all is well, ask for tips on how to ensure safe passage.
____ Schedule a vet exam; if you’re Britain-bound, your dog must be microchipped, be vaccinated against rabies, and pass a rabies blood test at least six months before arrival.
____ Make an airline reservation for you and your dog ASAP; space for pets is limited.
____ Research dog-friendly accomodations, travel tips and logistics.

6 Months Ahead
____ Contact your nearest Veterinary Services Area office to make sure you’re up-to-speed on the veterinary requirements of traveling internationally with your dog.
____ If you’re heading to the United Kingdom, Ireland or Malta, your dog by now must have passed a blood test proving he’s protected against rabies.

5 Months Ahead
____ Begin to envision your day-to-day life with your dog in your planned destination and any obstacles you may need to surmount. Are dogs permitted on trains? On ferries? Can dogs go inside cafés or restaurants? Pose questions to the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

4 Months Ahead
____ Start acclimating your dog to his airline crate or travel bag. Try keeping it open and leaving a favorite treat inside.

3 Months Ahead
____ Do all of the above, if you haven’t already!

2 Months Ahead
____ Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for 10 days before your trip.

1 Month Ahead
____ Order pet medications, if needed.

10 Days Before
____ If you’re flying, a veterinarian must issue a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination for your dog.
____ Pack your dog’s suitcase, including medications, a recent photo (in case he gets lost), and a favorite toy. Find out what else to pack in your dog’s suitcase.

1 Day Before
____ Treat your dog for tapeworms and ticks, especially if you’re Britain-bound.

6 Hours Before
____ Place ice cubes (not water) in his water tray, which should be attached to the inside of his crate.

____ Have a fun and safe trip abroad!

Use the Printer Friendly option to print this checklist and prepare for your next big trip!

Check out the September 2007 issue of DOG FANCY for more
tips for traveling abroad with your dog.

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