International Attention For Woman Happily, Healthily And Thankfully (For These Lucky Felines!) Surrounded By 1,100 Cats

Cat House on the Kings gets the documentary treatment in Britain for the cat sanctuary's dynamic founder Lynea Lattanzio.

This is the life. Via Channel 5

Lynea Lattanzio, founder and owner of The Cat House on the Kings, has become one of the stars of Channel 5’s “Pussies Galore: Love Me, Love My Cats.” The honor elevates Lattanzio to the upper echelons of cat lady fame, a well-deserved level of respect for the woman who shares her California abode with 1,100 cats.

The Cat House on the Kings’ beginnings evolved when Lattanzio entered a new phase in her life. The former beauty queen had funds, a Ferarri and a private jet. But although Lattanzio found herself surrounded by great stuff and a husband, she discovered that the material goods and the man weren’t making her happy.

Opting to flip her life upside down, Lattanzio got a divorce and used her divorce settlement to buy a five-bedroom home in Fresno County, Ca., on the banks of Kings River. Her new roomies? Four felines.

“I have found that I can get along a lot better with cats than I do with most people,” Lattanzio told The Guardian. “They don’t care what I look like in the morning, they don’t care if I’m grouchy, they don’t care if I yell. They love me because they know that I take care of them.”

Lattanzio has received media attention in the past for her charitable efforts, including a spot on Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats.”

Once on her own, however, Lattanzio began amassing a large crew of kitties and, before she knew it, they had taken over every room of the house, from her bedrooms to the dining area where she once hosted twice-weekly dinner parties. Finding cat vomit in her ear was the final straw, sending Lattanzio packing to a bungalow next door. Ultimately, the cycle began again: taking in a cat or two, which turned into two more, and two more.

Today, Lattanzio’s property has completely gone to the cats. Her swimming pool has been filled; an area called “Tent City” stands as a recreational spot for cats; a hospice for terminally ill cats has been crafted; and there’s even a feline Holiday Inn complete with heaters and ceiling fans for any temps imaginable.

Take a peek at Lattanzio’s life with her 1,100 seriously loved-up locally adopted strays on Channel 5’s “Pussies Galore: Love Me, Love My Cats.” You know you want to.

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