Insulin and Diabetes

Some diabetic cats need insulin to control their disease. In some instances, injections are necessary.

All Type I (insulin-dependent) and some Type II (noninsulin-dependent) diabetics will require insulin administration in order to return to good health. Insulin derived from beef and pork sources are considered best for cats because the sequence of amino acids in insulin is closest between cats and cows; this maximizes the insulin’s effectiveness while minimizing the chance of the cat’s immune system reacting to it.

Depending on the particular cat and type of insulin being used, injections will need to be given one to two times every day. Most cats will require two injections daily for good control, rarely a cat may require three injections. Small syringes and needles are used and most cats hardly notice the shots; many owners who initially insisted they “could never give their cat shots” are amazed with their quickly acquired abilities.

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