Instagram Leopard Gecko Always Seems To Smile

Kohaku has a smile for nearly all occasions.

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Kohaku the leopard gecko is always seemingly smiling. Via 589_tomo/Instagram
John Virata

Leopard geckos are probably the most popular pet lizard in the reptile hobby, mainly due to their variety of colorations and long life (with proper care of course). It could also be due to the fact that they are always seemingly smiling. Instagram user 589_tomo’s leopard gecko, Kohaku, is probably the most happy-looking leopard gecko on Instagram.

Kohaku has more than 6000 followers on his Instagram page, and his latest photos show him in a seemingly endlessly happy smile with a toy gecko and other props that were placed in his enclosure.

Here he is with a smile on his face.

And here he is again. Seemingly smiling.

Here is Kohaku with a new gecko friend.

And here he is winking at his lady friend.

Kohak hanging with an older gentleman.

Even when he sleeps, he has the look of a smile on his face.

No matter what he is doing… That smile

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