Instagram Account Reveals Hamsters Are Just Like Us

They cook, shop and even go bowling.

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Even hamsters need to work, work, work, work, work. Via beverlyborrill/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Many of us have made our pets part of the family. They share our beds and sit next to us on our couches. They eat when we eat. We might even be able to say that they are such a big part of our families that they are just like us.

Sometimes they are so much like us that we just can’t believe it – like when they showed off their athletic skills in this year’s Summer Games. Beverly Borrill’s hamsters (who have taken over her Instagram page) are one example of how much hamsters are like us. Minus their small size, big ears, tiny eyes, fur, four legs, whiskers, short life spans, ability to pack away food in their cheeks and inability to talk, these hamsters are exactly like us.

Don’t believe us? Take a look.

1. They Bake Desserts, Just Like Us


2. They Go Bowling, Just Like Us

Hmm, do you think they’re arguing over who’s going to win?

3. They Barbecue, Just Like Us

“Hamburgers for everyone!”

4. They Work, Just Like Us

Uh-oh, this hamster forgot his hard hat.

5. They Have Spa Days, Just Like Us

Saunas are so relaxing.

6. They Go To School, Just Like Us

Miss Lulu is working on the letter “G” with her class today.

7. The Take Ballet Lessons, Just Like Us

And, tendu…

8. They Go Grocery Shopping, Just Like Us

They even buy the same stuff we do!

9. They Play Pool, Just Like Us

This is likely a weekly event.

10. They Mow The Lawn, Just Like Us

Saturdays are often taken up with yard work.

11. They Go Swimming, Just Like Us

One last dip before the summer weather fades completely.

12. They Relax At Home, Just Like Us

Pizza and movie night!

How is your hamster (or other pet) just like us?

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