InstaCats Makes Reading Web Pages Cute

You're only a few clicks away from sprinkling cat images across all the websites you access.

The average online reader rarely finishes articles to the end due to the high volume of competing content floating around the interwebs, and a short attention span. Finally, someone realized that to keep people reading we need intrigue, we need irrelevant, we need … cute cats.

Enter the new InstaCats App, a Chrome extension that you can download to your browser, or use via bookmarklet (an app within a bookmark in your browser). So what does it do? Only one of the most important things the world wide web has ever seen: it inserts totally irrelevant and random (yet ultra-adorable) cat pics into whatever article you happen to be reading online.

Think about it: you’re trying to digest some long-winded study guide or news story, and instead of opening a new browser window to view the latest Maru vid, you simply activate the extension and watch as cute kitties appear on-screen, breaking up the very long blocks of text, and giving you the strength to motor on.

Seriously though: who needs TV on Demand when you’ve got cute cats on command? Will you be downloading?

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